Welcome to Transportation & Parking

10/12/2016: Red Route detour due to water main issues on Edgewood. Red Route will detour AFTER its stop at the Hawthorne Northside Apartments. It will return to campus via Merrimon and WT Weaver. Red Route will not service stops along Edgewood. No significant delays expected with the detour but minor delays possible.

Follow @UNCAVLtranspo on twitter for up-to-date service changes, route detours, and cancellations.

New Evening RED/BLUE Extended Routes

Great news! We have finalized our fixed-route evening service. No need to call campus police and wait for a ride. Our evening routes should reduce wait-times, provide a more reliable service, and reduce fossil-fuel consumption. Each route loop will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The Red Evening Route resumes Service at 5:40pm and runs until 9:40pm. (Drivers will go on break at 6:40-7:00pm, 7:40-8:00pm, and 8:40-9:00pm). The Red route will have an extra service loop between 5:40-6:00pm

  • Governors Hall departing every :00, :20 and at 5:40pm
  • Health Center departing every :03, :23, and at 5:43pm
  • Ingles Market on Merrimon departing every :10, :30, and at 5:50pm
  • Hawthorne Northside Apts. & CVS departing every :15, :35, and at 5:55pm

The Blue Evening Routes resumes service at 5:30 and runs until 9:30pm. (Drivers will go on break at 6:10-6:30pm, 7:10-7:30pm, and 8:10-8:30pm). The Blue route will feature and additional service loop from beginning at 9:10pm and ending at 9:30pm.

  • Governors Hall departing every :30, :50 and at 9:10pm
  • Harris Teeter & Trader Joes departing every :40, :00 and at 9:20pm
  • W. Chestnut & Broadway departing every :41, :01 and at 9:21pm
  • The Grove Apartments departing every :45, :05 and at 9:25pm
  • Freshman/Lower Parking Lots P1 and P2 departing every :47, :07, and at 9:27pm

While not listed on the new schedule, we will continue to service stops at the Bulldog, Brown Hall, and Zeis Hall.

Due to Safety Risks, we cannot pick-up or unload passengers along Merrimon Ave, WT Weaver, or Broadway. If you have a destination on Merrimon, please use the ART Bus.


UNC Asheville transportation is testing fixed-route service for the evening route. We are transitioning from on-demand service to a fixed route in Spring '15 to improve capacity, reduce wait-time, and reduce emission per passenger. Locations served will include the Grove Apartments, Campus-Core, Hawthorne/CVS, and Ingles. Locations still under consideration is: E. Chestnut (HarrisTeeter and Trader Joe's). The core focus will to serve students getting to campus and servicing residential students to local destinations. If you have questions, comments or suggestions about the evening shuttle becoming a fixed route, please email transportation@unca.edu. Thank you!

Our Mission

As a central part of the UNC Asheville community, the mission of Parking and Transportation Services is to support learning and discovery by efficiently and effectively managing our parking and transportation resources. In doing so, we will provide and promote a variety of transportation programs that assist in providing a quality experience to support the mission of the university.

Our Goals

  • To provide professional transportation and parking services to the UNC Asheville community.
  • To encourage and develop interaction with students, faculty, staff and visitors in order to identify expectations of Transportation and Parking Services.
  • To develop and maintain partnerships with on-campus and off-campus resources to assist us in providing the broadest spectrum of transportation and parking services possible.
  • Resource management

Parking and Transportation Services supports state resource management. We handle reporting, allocation, and upkeep of motor fleet vehicles, campus shuttles, bike/pedestrian resources, and other transportation items as requested. We assist with the distribution of parking passes, review parking citations, and waivers for parking permits. We do not issue parking citations nor control parking capacity. We act as a planning resource for transportation related decisions, point of contact with the city transportation, and mitigate via non-built solutions.