Faculty & Staff Parking

Registering for a Permit

All faculty & staff who bring a vehicle to campus must register for a permit. To register a vehicle you will need the following information:

  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle make/model (e.g., Subaru WRX)
  • Vehicle color
  • License plate number and state
  • Insurance provider name
  • Vehicle owner information (name, street address, and phone number)

Fac/Staff permits will not be mailed to your address as they were last year — they must be picked up at Weizenblatt Hall

Faculty & Staff Permit Registration

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration and may pick up your permit from Weizenblatt Hall 24/7. Please bring your OneCard and vehicle registration to pick up your permit.

Permit Cost

  • $100-$350 (depending on compensation)
  • $5 for daily permits
  • $25 for weekly permits
  • $40 for motorcycle permits (over 50cc)
  • $40 for each additional vehicle or motorcycle permit
  • $40 for Moped permits (under 50cc)

Payment Options

Faculty and staff may pay the full permit cost by credit card or enroll in payroll deduction. Payroll deduct will automatically withhold between $3.85 to $29.17 or for full time employees, 1/12 of the permit price from each monthly paycheck issued by the university or 1/26 for those receiving biweekly paychecks. Additional permits, daily, weekly, and motorcycle permits cannot be added to the payroll deduct system and must be paid for online.

Payroll deduction will continue until canceled by the employee regardless of whether or not you register for a permit. To cancel you must contact the Transportation Office directly.

Parking Locations

You can explore parking locations using the Interactive Campus Map.

Beginning 8/25/2021 the P9 parking deck will be taken offline for maintenance and repairs. Work is expected to conclude October 2021 — Staff with a valid permit may park in NR lots in the absence of available Staff parking

Temporary Permits

Vehicle in the shop? Driving another car because of bad weather? You can pick up a temporary parking permit at Weizenblatt Hall 24/7 free of charge provided you already have a valid permit.