Parking Lot Totals vs Permits Sold

Below you will find an “at a glance” count of permits sold vs their respective parking lots


When reading this data consideration must also be made that the need for a 1:1 ratio of permits to spaces is unnecessary. It is an unlikely and impossible scenario that every permit holder would be on campus at the same time.

These totals are real-world accurate and current lot closures are factored in to them.

The counts below are accurate as of 9/30/2021

Faculty & Staff (may also utilize Non-Resident lots)

674 F/S spaces

771 F/S permits sold (incl secondary vehicle permits)

Non-Residents – includes non-degree seeking students/ OLLI (may also utilize All Permit lots)

977 NR spaces

1526 NR permits sold

Residents (may also utilize All Permit lots)

524 Resident spaces

460 Resident permits sold

Freshman (All Permit Lots)

377 All Permit spaces

349 Freshman permits sold