Special Event Parking

Attending a Special Event?

If you are attending a special event, please refer to the campus map and event information for parking accommodations. For large scale events special parking is often set aside to accommodate campus visitors. You may be required to purchase a parking pass. Standard cost for conference is $5 for up to 7 days and $20 for events and camps extending beyond 7 days.

Conference Permit Registration

Once you have your pass and arrive on campus, follow the signs and (if hired by the conference group) instructions from parking attendants for the closest parking.

For especially large events, such as university commencement ceremonies, close parking areas are reserved for attendees with mobility issues. Please ask any parking attendant on post about special needs parking.

Planning a Special Event?

For those needing traffic or parking assistance for events happening on campus, please contact University Police at 828.251.6710 or police@unca.edu. It is always a good idea to contact us to check on the availability of parking and other resources that may be needed for your event. They may provide information on parking signs, traffic flow, and appropriate parking lots (might result in a fee). See the University Police page for more information.

Transportation services can assist in scheduling or rental of campus shuttles for special events or summer conferences. Cost is $75 per service hour with a four (4) hour minimum. For more information, see ” Shuttle Services” on the menu or contact us at 828.251.6691.