Parking Regulations & Citations

In order to effectively manage UNC-Asheville’s parking and transportation resources, parking regulations approved by the University’s Board of Trustees are enforced at all times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. View UNC-Asheville’s official Traffic and Parking Regulations Policy.

How to Avoid Citations

  • When in doubt, contact us! If you’re ever unsure about parking regulations or issues on campus, contact University Police at 828.251.6710 ( or Transportation Services at 828.251.6691 (
  • Purchase a parking permit. All students, faculty, and staff must purchase a permit to park on campus at any time.
  • Look at your permit. Make sure you’re parking in the designated lots for your permit type.
  • Display your parking permit correctly. Decals must be peeled and affixed to the exterior of the vehicle’s lower rear window on the driver’s side. Hangtags and other hanging permits must be hung from the rear view mirror with the printed side facing outward.
  • Note signage and curb markings. Parking is designated by signage. There may be more than one type of parking space in a lot, so it’s necessary to look and avoid parking in certain areas (i.e., handicapped spaces, fire zones, or 30 minute spaces).
  • Park in marked spaces. It’s against campus parking regulations to occupy portions of more than one space at a time, or parking along the roadway restricting passing traffic. When parking in spaces that run parallel to the roadway no portion of the parked vehicle may exceed 12-inches from the curb or pavement in the absence of a curb.

Appealing a Parking Citation

Transportation Services has the right to dismiss petitions filed more than 10 business days after the citation is issued

If you receive a parking citation, you have the right to petition it. Petitioners will be notified within sixty (60) calendar days by mail and/or email of the decision to grant or deny their request.

  •     ​If your appeal is granted, no further action is needed. Any pending account charges will be reversed as soon as possible after notification.
  •     If your appeal is denied, you may appeal the decision to the Transportation Committee by contacting the Transportation Coordinator at You must explicitly state you are appealing to the committee. Otherwise, it will not be presented to the committee.
    •         You have the option to appear before the Transportation Committee and will be notified of the time/date to appear (often a Tuesday or Thursday at noon)
    •         The committee holds meetings on average between 4 and 6 times a year, often (but not always) in September, October, November, February, March, and April
    •         Appealing to the committee will end any further review/discussion by the Transportation Office
    •         The citation will remain “upheld” until the Transportation Committee reviews your case
    •         You will be able to speak and/or provide materials to the committee
    •         You may also be able to submit a statement in lieu of appearing before the committee
    •         You will be notified by the Transportation Office of the committee’s decision via the email address provided in the original petition
    •         The Transportation Committee is the final arbitrator of parking appeals
    •         The Transportation Committee has the option to reject a petition to the committee prior to the committee meeting. The result would be that any prior determination made by the Transportation Office is final.

Submit a Citation Appeal

Points to consider prior to filing an appeal:

  • Hazard lights and/or notes left on vehicles do not permit parking in unauthorized areas, no matter how short the time period.
  • The absence of “NO PARKING” signs/pavement markings does not mean that parking is allowed. Any area not specifically designated by pavement markings as a parking space shall be considered a “no parking area”.
  • Inability to find a legally marked parking space does not constitute an excuse for parking illegally.
  • Unauthorized parking in disability spaces, fire lanes and/or reserved spaces is strictly prohibited.
  • You are responsible for any parking violations pertaining to your vehicle, regardless of whom you allow to operate the vehicle.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Parking and Traffic Regulations. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse for committing parking violation.

Vehicle Boots

University Police officers, security guards, or parking enforcement officers will utilize a tire immobilization device (boot) to immobilize habitual parking offenders’ vehicles. A boot may be applied to any vehicle operated by an offender who has received four or more paid or unpaid parking citations within the current academic year. Vehicles will remain immobilized until payment of citations and boot removal fee ($25) is received. If payment is not received before noon on the day following placement of the boot, the immobilized vehicle will be towed from university property and held until payment is made on outstanding parking fines.

Current Fines

These apply to all UNC-Asheville fines only. These have no bearing on law enforcement officers issuing state citations.

Falsified Information (includes information provided over the phone such as students accessing visitor parking)

Fire Hydrant or Fire Zone

Blocking Traffic/Parked in a Travel Area (includes motorized or non-motorized thru-ways)

First-year student in violation

No valid permit

Unauthorized Parking Area (for permit holders only)

Blocking Dumpster, Access Point, or Facility

Encroachment of Two Parking Spaces

Exceeding a Time Limit

Improper Display of Permit


Moving, Tampering, or Unauthorized Placement of a Traffic Device (cones, barricades…etc)


Non-motorized Infraction

Parking Against the Flow

Unsafe Movement (moving vehicle violations)
$30 – As specified

Exceeding Posted Speed Limit

Disregarding Stop Sign

Reckless Driving

Failure to Yield to Pedestrian

Failure to Heed Instructions of Officer

Boot Fee