Permit Exchanges & Refunds

Parking Permit Exchanges

If your vehicle is in an accident, or you purchase a new vehicle, you may exchange your parking decal at no cost IF you retain the permit for exchange. Replacements are a minimum of $40. Additionally, any user-error in the delivery process (i.e. an invalid or incorrect mailing address) will result in a $40 replacement fee.

  1. Register your new vehicle in the system by applying for a parking permit.
  2. Bring your new vehicle information and registration to Weizenblatt Hall. If possible, bring your previously issued decal (even if it’s in pieces). Inform the dispatcher of your new vehicle or the status of your old vehicle to be issued a new decal.

The parking system can accept temporary 30-day tags. Once you receive your permanent plate, this will need to be updated.

Parking Permit Refunds

Students who transfer, withdraw, or graduate from UNC-Asheville may apply for a partial prorated refund for parking decals. To do so, please contact the Transportation office.

Requesting a Refund

To request a refund, you must peel off and return your decal to Weizenblatt Hall. As decals are designed to come off in pieces, please turn in enough of your permit as possible to verity the permit number and ensure it is no longer valid. Faculty and staff may be asked to provide information on their initial form of payment.

Faculty and staff enrolled in payroll deduction are not eligible to receive a refund, as monthly payments will cease upon separation from the University.

Refund Payments

Students will receive a credit to their student account. Faculty and staff members will be issued a check for the remaining balance via mail.

No refunds will be given after March 31st. There are no refunds for additional vehicle permits, conference permits, electronic permits or summer permits.