UNC-Asheville Bike Shop

The UNC Asheville Bike Shop offers bike rentals and free maintenance to all students, faculty and staff. Stop by the Bike Shop at the bottom of Highsmith Union, or visit them online.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks. Do not ride bicycles on sidewalks at any time. When parking, do not block walkways, nor attach bicycles to trees, signposts, handrails, or to anything other than bicycle racks. Bicycles that are repeatedly parked illegally may be temporarily confiscated or locked in place. UNC-Asheville assumes no liability for damages to bicycles, bicycle locks, or any other bicycle equipment that may occur during confiscation.

Questions? Call Parking and Transportation: 828.251.6691.

Bicycle Registration

It is recommended that you register your bicycle with University Police. You can do this online or by visiting Weizenblatt Hall 24/7. If you choose to visit Weizenblatt Hall with your bicycle Public Safety employees can provide you with a registration sticker for easy identification.

Property Registration Form

Report missing or stolen bicycles to University Police immediately by calling 828.251.6710.


Campus Walking Trails

From short and simple to more adventurous off-pavement excursions, the on and off-campus walking trails surrounding UNC Asheville offer a variety of courses to suit your style and fitness goals. The University Heights loop, Glen Creek greenway on W.T. Weaver Boulevard, Reed Creek greenway on Broadway, and Botanical Gardens are available all day for faculty, staff, students and community alike for free. Download the trail map and get going!

Please be safe along the trails and remember:

  • Trails are for walkers only. Bicycles are not permitted.
  • Shoes must be worn in all areas.
  • Many trails traverse through natural, wooded areas. Walkers may encounter exposed roots, damp surfaces, slippery leaves and wildlife. Although easily avoided, care should be taken to steer clear of Poison Ivy/Oak.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Trails should be used only during daylight hours.
  • Should emergencies occur along the trail, use a nearby emergency phone or call UNC-Asheville Police at 828.251.6710.