Quick (Record Breaking) Facts

We set records in 2016/2017! Did you know?

  • 60,824 passengers rode the UNC Asheville in 2016-2017. That's more passengers than any previous year!
  • It is the third straight year in which we shattered the previous ridership record (2015, 2016, and 2017).
  • Increasing ridership by 365% over the Spring 2014 semester has given UNC Asheville the equivalent of freeing up nearly 334 parking spaces.
  • The UNC Asheville shuttle clocked 4640 total service hours in 2016-2017. That is about 14.5 hour a day, 5 days a week.
  • Each day, we "circle" campus and the adjacent community 129 times per day. That is 20,640 "loops" per semester!
  • 21% Increase in fuel economy! We increased our fuel economy from 7.6mpg to 9.25mpg compared to the Fall of 2013). We are up from 7.7mpg in 2015.
  • The service hour reliability rate for scheduled routes is 99.8%. The UNC Asheville shuttle only had five instances of an interruption to service lasting more than 30 minutes during the entire 2016-2017 academic year!


  • 175 students brought their vehicle to the  free pre-trip vehicle inspections before spring breaks! We offer this service twice a year. In the Fall, it is generally about 1-2 weeks before Fall Break. In the Spring, inspections take place just before Spring Break. It is free to all University community members.