Student Parking

In order to park on campus all UNC Asheville students must purchase and display a parking permit. Freshman (First-Year students and those with fewer than 30 credit hours) are required to use specific parking locations on campus and can not access Resident and Non-Resident lots without a Handicap parking tag. Please see our Freshman Parking page for more information.


Parking Permits for Students

Registering for a Permit

Affix decal to the exterior of the lower corner of the driver's side rear window

All faculty, staff, and students must register for a permit online at (STUDENT PARKING). To register a vehicle you will need the following information:

  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle make/model (e.g., Toyota Prius)
  • Vehicle color
  • License plate number and state
  • Insurance provider name
  • Vehicle owner information (name, street address, and phone number)

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration and will be mailed a permit to the address of your choice. You will also recieve a two week temporary permit while the permit is in route. You are responsible for being able to receive you mailed permit to the mailing address. UNC Asheville does not replace permits mailed to the wrong address.

Permit Cost

  • $200
  • $40 for motorcycles over 50cc (not prorated or returnable)
  • $40 for Mopeds under 50cc (not prorated or returnable)

Permit fees are paid through our online vender via credit card.  If you have an payment issue, contact us immediately as we can only address transactions within 3 business days.

Permit Types

Student lots are separated into three primary categories:

  1. Resident (R)
  2. Non-Resident (NR) or Pharmacy (P) 
  3. Freshman (F)

Resident/Non-Resident indicates if a student resides on campus or off campus. 

Osher Life Long Learning Institute (OLLI) can now register online. Permits will be mailed to the mailing address provided.

Parking Locations

  • All Permit lots are for anyone (excluding Freshman) with a valid decal can access spaces within the all permit lots. These lots are accessible for Faculty/Staff, Visitors, Students, and OLLI members. All Permit Lots include P1, P2, P26, P28, P29, and P31.
  • Resident lots include: P4 (Ridges Parking Deck), P20 (Founders Lot) P21 & P22, (Woods Lot) Resident students must park in Resident or "All Permit" lots at all times, even after hours and weekends. Why? All residential spaces are "protected" and special events or other users can never park in residential lots. Residential students parking in other spaces is akin to parking in two spaces.
  • Non-Resident, OLLI, & Pharmacy Students lots include: P8, P9 (top level only), P10, P11, P12, P26 & P28. All-permit lots are use also primary non-resident student lots. Non-Resident students may park in Faculty/Staff lots from 5pm - 7:00am Monday through Friday, on weekends, and official holidays. (Note: Parking is enforced when class is not in session!)
  • First-Year or "Freshman" are required to park in Freshman parking lots located at WT Weaver P29 or P31. Freshman are not allowed to park in the Ridges Deck, Founder Drive or any other lot. Unpermitted freshmen found parking on campus are subject to immediate immobilizatin (boot) or towing. Permitted freshman parking illegally carry an additional financial penalty and can have their parking privilages revoked.
  • Permitted motorcycles/mopeds must park in motorcycle designated spaces located in P7, P14, P15, P19, P24, P27, and P28

You can explore parking locations using the interactive campus map.

Temporary Permits

Vehicle in the shop? Driving another car because of bad weather? You can pick up a temporary parking permit at Weizenblatt Hall 24/7. Park in the 30 minute space along Library Lane and ask for a temporary permit at the front desk window. No fees apply, but temporary permits cannot be issued for more than 2 weeks at a time. 

Summer Permits

After the conclusion of Spring classes, registered summer students are eligible to purchase a summer permit for non-resident spaces for a reduced fee of $20. Permits purchased earlier in the year are valid until the start of fall classes and a summer permit does not need to be purchased.

Resident students living off campus for the summer can bring in their Resident decal to be exchanged for a Non-Resident decal at no cost.